Supporting projects that use privacy-preserving Verifiable Credentials (VCs) in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and strengthen our societies and economies.

What is CCI

The COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI) is a global community of more than 300 individuals from over 100 organizations looking to deploy and/or help to deploy privacy-preserving verifiable credential projects in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and strengthen our societies and economies.
We come together through CCI to share our experience, learning, and expertise, and help each other successfully launch COVID-19 verifiable credential projects in local communities. CCI provides the resources and forums for effective conversations and meaningful collaboration. 

As a global initiative, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every country or region. Solutions need to be built for, and ideally by, local communities in their own cultural, legal and operational context, independent of their size.

What is a Verifiable Credential

Much like a physical credential (e.g. the cards in one’s wallet), a Verifiable Credential is an issued assertion containing a set of claims about an individual or organization. The unique value of VCs is that they are digitally native and cryptographically secure, making them a great privacy-preserving alternative to other types of credentials, if used responsibly.

As shown in the illustration, after accepting a VC (e.g. a driver’s license) from a trusted issuer (e.g. a government body), holders can generate a proof with minimum information (e.g. over 18) needed to prove to a verifier (e.g. a liquor store) that they possess VCs with specific characteristics (e.g. age), qualifying them for certain types of access defined by the verifier. And there is no need for direct contact between the issuer and verifier throughout the process. This opens doors to a wide range of solutions to the social and economic challenges incurred as a result of COVID-19.

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How to get involved

As a global initiative, a key success factor for CCI is to engage and connect the right person(s) or organization(s) across geographies and disciplines with relevant domain experts to foster collaboration and provide valuable support for developing solutions. Solutions can require expertise in digital identity, healthcare, technology, legal, governance, ethics or policy making domains. Given this aim, we are extending an open invitation for you or your organization to join our global endeavor.

Use Case Implementation

This workstream establishes the foci of the CCI by defining and prioritizing the set of privacy-preserving verifiable credentials that are most useful to the COVID-19 response and by working with those who are already implementing VCs in their local communities.
  • Identify local implementations of VC solutions to COVID-19 and provide support by collaborating with other workstreams.
  • Define a set of immediately useful verifiable credentials and the technical requirements for issuing and verifying them.
  • Focus on very specific trust problems unique to the COVID-19 pandemic in different societies and investigate the unintended consequences of their use.

Rules & Governance

This workstream is in charge of defining the rules of how VC technology is to be used, as well as the algorithmic and human trust mechanisms to ensure sensitive personal data remains secure, private, and tamper-proof.
  • Design and propose a governance framework that defines what policies must be followed by issuers of these credentials, and what levels of assurance they could provide about the security and privacy of the data.
  • Define what happens if something goes wrong, and set out the safeguards required to prevent abuse by governments, hackers, and others with power.

Tools and technology

Join the technical conversations around how to best architect and deploy the VC technology needed for COVID-19 credentials.
  • Publish architecture guidance, tools, and documentation that all participants could use to solve COVID-19 credential use-cases in an aligned, synergistic, and interoperable way.
  • Cooperate on advancing existing verifiable credential-focused open source technology such that a greater number of organizations can more easily make use of it.

Coordination & Communications

This group manages the internal and external communications to align participants and communicate the vision and output to all stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and share information across the CCI workstreams.
  • Communicate a single view of the initiative’s progress.
  • Manage outbound messaging and PR.
  • Capture and review the inclusion and accessibility requirements needed to make this technology work for everyone, everywhere.

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Participating Organizations

This initiative is made possible through the participation of over 60+ organizations from around the world, including governments, large tech companies, startups, and institutions across a wide range of industries who all have a common goal.

News and Thought Leadership

Stay tuned for upcoming posts about our work, the projects we support, and the progress we are making in the fight against COVID-19.
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Tangem, a CCI participating company extended the use of their NFC-enabled cards from storing digital currencies to verifiable credentials.

Bringing Emerging Privacy-Preserving Technology to a Public Health Crisis

A case study on the key challenges that arose in CCI's efforts to responsibly use new privacy-preserving technologies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Hello World from the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative

A brief introduction of CCI to the world that states our aspirations, goals, approach and needs.

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