We are a global, cross-sector community of organizations using digital identity as a way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and reboot public trust.

About the initiative

The COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI) is a collaboration of more than 60 organizations working to deploy verifiable credential solutions to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Our goal is simple, we want to enable society to return to ‘normal’ in a controlled, measurable, and privacy-preserving way.
The initiative is a direct response to the many calls for an ‘immunity passport,’ a digital certificate that lets individuals prove (and request proof from others) that they’ve recovered after testing negative, have tested positive for antibodies, or have received a vaccination, once one is available. By proving some level of immunity, individuals will be able to begin participating in everyday life again. 

Using the W3C industry standard called Verifiable Credentials, we have a blueprint to move forward. Yet while the underlying tech and standards are established, the vision for immunity certificates and other related credentials is far bigger than any one organization. To move at the speed and scale required, we need true collaboration across all fronts, and we are extending an open invitation for any organization or individual looking to join this endeavor.

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How to get involved

The COVID-19 Credentials Initiative (CCI) is a collaboration of 60+ organizations to deploy verifiable credential solutions aimed at mitigating the further spread of COVID-19 and enabling society’s return to ‘normal’ in a controlled, measurable, and privacy-preserving way.

Use cases workstream

Verifiable credentials can power myriad use cases; not just immunity passports. This workstream establishes the foci of the CCI by defining and prioritizing the set of verifiable credentials that are most useful to the COVID-19 response.
  • Define a set of immediately useful verifiable credentials and the technical requirements for issuing and verifying them.
  • Focus on very specific trust problems unique to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Investigate and understand the unintended consequences of their use.

Rules and governance workstream

This workstream is in charge of defining the rules of how this technology is to be used, as well as the algorithmic and human trust mechanisms to ensure that data remains secure, private, and tamper-proof.
  • Design and publish a governance framework that defines what policies must be followed by issuers of these credentials, and what levels of assurance they will provide about the security and privacy of the data.
  • Define what happens if something goes wrong, and set out the safeguards required to prevent abuse by governments, hackers, and others with power.

Tools and technology

Join the technical conversations around how to best architect and deploy the technology needed for COVID-19 credentials.
  • Publish architecture guidance, tools, and documentation that all of participants can use to solve COVID-19 credential use cases in an aligned, synergistic, and interoperable way.
  • Cooperate on advancing existing verifiable credential-focused open source technology such that a greater number of organizations can more easily make use of it. 

Coordination, communications and inclusion

This group manages the internal and external communications to align participants and communicate the vision and output to all stakeholders, including issuers, verifiers, journalists, and the public.
  • Coordinate and share information across the CCI workstreams.
  • Communicate a single view of the initiative’s progress.
  • Manage outbound messaging and PR.
  • Capture and review the inclusion requirements needed to make this technology work for everyone, everywhere.

Participating Organizations

This initiative is made possible through the participation of over 60+ organizations from around the world, including governments, large tech companies, startups, and institutions across a wide range of industries who all have a common goal.

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